Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sempu Island Travel Gallery

Sempu Island

Sempu Island, is a small island located south of Java Island. The island is located in Malang regency, East Java. Currently Sempu a nature reserve protected by the government. In this island is almost not found in brackish water.
Geographically, Sempu Island lies between 112 ° 40 '45 "- 112 ° 42' 45" east longitude and 8 ° 27 '24 "- 8 ° 24' 54" south latitude. The island had a total of approximately 877 hectares, bordering the Strait Sempu (Spring Blue) and surrounded on the south side of the Indian Ocean, East and West.
Sempu Island can be reached from Malang by Blue Spring Beach, and pedestrian use fishing boats, and get licenses.
There is absolutely stunning scenery, but the road to get there in need of extra power, because the nets which path we must make careful because if you run out of rain slick nets. if you want to get there is better when the dry season.